Case Studies

We at Thotnr pride ourselves in providing our customers with the IT consulting and support they require.

This page highlights some of the work that we have done for our clients in the past, which has improved their business processes and at the same time reduced their IT costs by implementing new technologies.

Sector Finance & Banking Company Creditas Solutions Service Delinquent Account Processing Offering Development Services Challenge Developing Financial Technology Creditas was an idea that found ignition in an IIT incubation cell. Helping lenders optimize their collection and recovery performance. The minds behind the product we non-techies, and that is where they need a technically sound thought [...]
Sector Fashion & Beauty Company NYKAA Service E-COMMERCE Offering Quality Assurance Challenge Skilled Manpower & Quality Engineering Processes With exponential growth as one of the leading online first platform, efficient skilled resource and high-quality delivery was the key challenge. When the leading cosmetic e-retail brand grew, blooming into the offline space they required a solid [...]
Sector Mining Company Anglo American Product Precious Gems Offering Cloud Migration Almost all internet enabled business have some sort of servers. These have historically been in data centers. The data centers may be owned by business or a shared data center. This paper discusses the cloud migration strategy employed for one of Thotnr’s client Anglo [...]
Sector Banking Company Creditas Service Cloud Offering Serverless Computing One of the simplest benefits of cloud is that it reduces the amount of planning required. Gone are the days of 6 month purchase cycles of servers or one week lead time in case of urgency. Cloud has made procurement of servers a real time task. [...]
Sector Banking Company Standard Bank Service BSFI Offering Architecture Consulting Challenge Unblocking Bottlenecks To Speed Growth Standard bank has a homegrown enterprise bus that is the backbone of integration of all banks and the preferred features such as atm, online banking, etc. that has grown organically over the years with acquisitions and mergers. This growth [...]
Sector Healthcare Company ZS Service Pharma Sales Force Consulting Offering Architecture Consulting Challenge Amping Up Tech At ZS ZS, a pharma consulting team, had the skills and sought support with systems that matched their long-term vision. THOTNR added value that streamlines objectives to goals by setting up the base that helps boom the business, now [...]
Sector Automotive Company Tata Motor International Service E-COMMERCE Offering L1, L2 & L3 Support Challenge Leveling Up Legacy Applications For sales of spare parts to various vendors, Tata Motors South Africa uses a custom ERP called Encadia, which reduces transparency in costing and processing. Tata developed a Magento 1x-based eCommerce application over time. The application [...]
Sector Healthcare Solutions Company GLYTECH Service Digitizing Dosage Of Insulin Offering L1, L2 & L3 Support Challenge Digitizing Diabetes Care Focusing on one of the most essential needs for a very common yet grave disease, Diabetes. Having created a customized IoT device created, crept up issues around programming the device with a low footprint and [...]