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L1, L2 & L3 Support


Leveling Up Legacy Applications

For sales of spare parts to various vendors, Tata Motors South Africa uses a custom ERP called Encadia, which reduces transparency in costing and processing.

Tata developed a Magento 1x-based eCommerce application over time. The application was not customer-ready due to a large number of delays, customizations, and team churn.

To build a manual workflow, the L1 support was overworked.

Since the existing system could not be supported by Tata, most vendors suggested moving to a 2X line.

It was still not possible to deliver the transparency that had been envisioned for the site and the end customers weren’t using it since the application was missing the user documentation.


Added high-skilled php + Magento developers and bring the system up

THOTNR deployed a 3-person team who were skilled in php and Magneto.
The team first made a laundry list of issues and within a span of 15 days understood the customer issues and launched it to production. It was envisioned that the time taken would be 3 months.
The team identified a lack of best practices such as source control, incorrect integration and more and fixed them.


What We Accomplished

The application brought to life with a small team of 3 people within 15 days
Help reduce L1 support team size to 3L1+L2 in South Africa and 1 L3 support in India 90% reduction in user abandonment.
40K USD investment into the new line of business recovered within 3 months of sales
200% increase in footfall

Software development

Client Speak

As a Fortune 500 company we have a large number of processes and procedures that need to be followed when building any application. We expect our Vendors and Partners to have the same degree of professionalism. It was truly shocking that a large vendor with stakes and relationships with us abandoned the project mid- stream. We found it very difficult to find a replacement as no one wanted to engage in such a high-risk high visibility project, where failure would certainly mean no further work. Kranti rose to the challenge, being smaller than most of our partners we were not sure; but it took only a fortnight for them to turn the tables around. Fifteen days is what it takes to run a sprint and they ran the project. We are grateful to THOTNR for saving the investments we had made in the platform


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