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Developing Financial Technology

Creditas was an idea that found ignition in an IIT incubation cell. Helping lenders optimize their collection and recovery performance. The minds behind the product we non-techies, and that is where they need a technically sound thought partner!

Their original prototype was lagging in catching up with the growth of Creditas, slowing down progress with problems in scaling, poor quality code etc.

They sought solutions that matched their speed.

THOTNR identified the scope to adjust, modify and help adapt to the trending pace of technology.


Enable a TECH Team So That The Core Focus Remained On Business

THOTNR offered an initial team comprising of an architect, a back-end, and a front-end developer.

This small team took over the existing platform by both supporting the existing php application and also starting to build the next-generation platform as a set of cloud native services.

High-quality practices were put in place such as – Micro Services, DevOps, Cloud Native architecture etc.

This led to predictable high-quality applications that allowed the business to grow 400% every month


What We Accomplished

The campaign tool built allowed a 500% increase in lead realization.
The finder tool allowed the identification of absconding individuals with 97% accuracy.
Enabling a safe and secure environment for critical bank data.
Boosting a 400% growth every month.

Architecture Consulting
Bespoke Software Development
Product Engineering

Client Speak

They say software projects are over budget and usually fail. As a founder of an organization, ours almost did, until THOTNR came to the rescue. Vendors shortsightedly think of their business before ours. Ritualistically under-quoting projects to win them and then be gone by the way of the dodo, when things get tough. Under-quoting means they do not have competent staff.
The THOTNR team is a breath of fresh air in this convoluted environment. Their rates, not the lowest, are fair. They have a talented team that has our interests first in their mind. With us, they work in a staff augmentation mode out of our space. They have completely assimilated our IT process and let us focus on business. This is what we want, focus on what we are good at while they take care of our backbone.
| wish all success to THOTNR and have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone looking for a high-quality IT services partner.


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