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Skilled Manpower & Quality Engineering Processes

With exponential growth as one of the leading online first platform, efficient skilled resource and high-quality delivery was the key challenge.

When the leading cosmetic e-retail brand grew, blooming into the offline space they required a solid landing.

Process optimization that took care of critical auxiliary functions such as vendors, and logistics that need equal dedication for the best results.

THOTNR identifies a tweak to the QE systems that required experienced support that could debug issues, developer support, analysis, engagement, and inputs from internal stakeholders that would eventually cease the slippage of releases. The crux was to ensure timely launches within the system to stay abreast with competition in type as well as technology.


Multidisciplinary QE Professionals For Improved Processes

THOTNR deployed a team of QE engineers that had built-in elasticity. A team of highly skilled individuals grew as NYKAA grew.

QE typically spotlights the business and not the technology, we understood the diverse landscape of Nykaa’s recognized product and technology needs and deployed multidisciplinary QE professionals, who tested the web and mobile applications considering the business requirement.

This approach led to a small team leading the effort of the entire QE process.

With THOTNR, QUALITY was preserved with Practiced Automation & Quality Engineering.


What We Accomplished


Successfully delivering zero defect production releasing staggered Ownership and Production, now owned by THOTNR.
Going beyond expectations with QE, we helped develop in debugging with support from log analysis.
Preserving quality by bringing in practices of Automation as part of CI/CD+ on production.
Engaging with stakeholders to ensure all asks were met for an assured release in sign-off.

Quality Engineering
and Automation

Client Speak

Managing Quality is top priority for an e-Commerce site, an issue in production for any reason means loss of business. When we met THOTNR we were looking for testers, but we got a lot more. THOTNR has been a team of dedicated QE professionals who not only took care of testing but assured us that what was being shipped out was high quality each time every time.
These individuals went above the call of duty and managed 3rd parties, ensured business needs were met. They were QE, Product Management and Production Support all rolled into one. We may need to rewrite the book on QE.


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