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Terraform – IaaC

Most IT organizations have already adopted cloud computing as their preferred IT infrastructure services in order to increase IT efficiency and reduce operational costs. However, managing IT infrastructure across multiple clouds, data centers, environments and servers become even more complex when different teams within an organization may need similar infrastructure for their slightly different requirements. […]

Datacenter to Cloud Migration

Moving from On Premise to Cloud is a strategic decision and needs a long-term vision for an organization. It will require a change in mindset of employees of an organization besides putting investment of money. It looks simple in concept but practically it changes day to day working of an organization. Company needs to transition [...]

Benefits of Migrating to Cloud

Migrating increases IT efficiency and reduces IT costs, but there are some challenges to consider, such as planning and costs. Read on to find out how migration benefits and challenges are addressed.

Is REST The Biggest Game Changer Of All?

Within the computer industry it is sacrilege to call a technology to be a game changer. The game changers are claimed everyday but seldom live more than a couple of years. Some game changers, have been true to their name and have fundamentally changed the IT industry. This include microprocessors, which revolutionised and changed the [...]

6 Use Cases When Cloud Is Not Needed

The shift to the cloud has brought about several solutions that make doing business easier. Whether it be cost savings, added flexibility or ease of use, companies are offloading workflows to the cloud and maintaining a competitive advantage. It would not be an exaggeration to remark that cloud is one of the cornerstones that allowed [...]

A Checklist For Non-Tech Founders When Dealing With A Technology Partner

In the technical world, non-technical founders risk being seen as unqualified especially when dealing with matters related to technology. While there are many success stories of tech founders ( Google. Facebook, Amazon), there are also other companies which have succeeded without techie founders. Take the case of former English teacher Jack Ma & Alibaba; neuroscientist [...]

What is RPA?

The global robotic process automation (RPA) market is expected to reach $22 billion by 2025, according to a new Forrester report. Let's look at how the technical and business aspects of RPA which makes it the new dominant technology in town and strictly stay away from ethical aspects around labour force reduction.   Robotic Process [...]

The Next Generation User Experience Today

The computer user interface has perhaps been the most frustrating aspect of technology adoption since the dawn of the computer age.
Humans had to adapt to using a computer. Operators have moved from punch cards to keyboards, and mouse and finally arrived at a touch interface…

Security Risks to Watch Out For in Your Web Application

This article deals with top known vulnerabilities that exists in systems. These are regularly published as OWASP (https://www.owasp.org) top 10. This article does not claim to be an original research work but essentially discusses the known top vulnerabilities from a programmer point of view…

Postulates to Artificial Intelligence

This article forms an introductory discussion towards the upcoming concept of Artificial intelligence. This article is not a discussion aimed towards various tools, techniques and available technologies towards AI but defining what intelligence is and how one could identify artificial intelligence…