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DevOps Services can help you minimize costs, increase efficiency, and accelerate the release management process of your cloud operations and workloads.

We deliver DevOps Services to drive a culture of “Everything as Code”, creating harmony within cloud operations.


We at Thotnr automate end-to-end delivery pipeline across cloud platforms for faster time to market, increased efficiency and reduced cost.

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as Code

How we do it

Assess your current state Assess current pre-DevOps state and understand the solution pattern to be build

Develop a DevOps culture and mindset DevOps is a cultural shift, increase communication transparency and collaboration between teams.

Define your DevOps process Define process early, it can improve infrastructure provisioning, continuous development cycle and testing

Select your DevOps tool chain Select the rite tools along with innovative new processes, workflows, building robust infrastructure

Ensure security and compliance In DevOps security, technology, policies, processes, and strategies protect all aspects of the DevOps environment

Identify and measure DevOps metrics Teams Shoud collect, analyze, and measure metrics aligned with the most relevant business goals and KPIs for continuous improvement.

Create a cross-functional product team A DevOps team should be able to optimize product delivery and value throughout a product’s lifecycle, thus should have people having skills in both software engineering and operations.

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