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Today’s global marketplace is fiercely competitive, so businesses cannot afford to perform poorly. Every company must optimize their performance in order to achieve sustainable profitability by deploying human, material, and technological resources as efficiently and effectively as possible. We provides a variety of services to help businesses grow and prosper in today’s market by optimizing their performance.


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At Thotnr – Steps for an Operational Excellence Plan

Assemble a Cross-Functional Team

Operating excellence cannot be achieved by a single person or even a team. The process involves the expertise and insights of everyone involved in improving the activities. Stakeholders may include personnel in operations, maintenance, engineering, compliance, and business offices.

Define the Benchmark, Strategy and Performance Goals

Compare goals with industry benchmarks and peers to ensure they are reasonable and in line with the business risk areas of asset availability, safety compliance, productivity, and profitability.

Align the Strategy with a Digital Transformation Journey

In order to accomplish operational tasks, each organization is at a different
stage of adopting digital technologies. Some activities are entirely digital,
but most are at least supported by them. Once the plan and strategy are in
place, identify which digital technologies are in place, or which technologies
need to be upgraded or added.

Prioritize Implementation by Balancing Risk, Cost and Performance

Determine clear key performance indicators (KPIs) and other metrics to measure and track task execution by creating an action list and timeline.

Review Lessons Learned and Continuously Optimize the Plan

In order to ensure continuous improvement, it is important to assess deviations and examine lessons learned along the way.

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