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Businesses need a strategy that determines which innovations to invest in, as well as how to use them, whether the technology is cloud computing, machine learning, or automated analytics.


As innovation agents, We at Thotnr bring new ideas through defined steps for analysis and maturity, creating competitive advantage for businesses.

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Goals of Enterprise Architecture

Our Goal Towards

Effectiveness The EA blueprint defines how deliverables will be reached based on the business requirements.

Efficiency By modeling business processes and mapping workflows in the framework, redundancies can be eliminated, and resources can be reused.

Agility Using a correct EA model will lead to an accurate assessment of technology risks and will guide the monitoring, metrics, and analysis needed to determine when and how technology needs to be upgraded based on business goals.

Continuity EA allows enterprises to maintain mission-critical business operations by standardized business processes and IT infrastructure.

Case Studies

Tata Motor Automobile
Mobilizing Solutions For Automobiles

Automating The Automobile Industry